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Luxury Travel On A Budget - Leverage Your Credit Card Points and Miles To Elevate Your Travel Experiences

A system we used to get a round-trip flight to Rome, Italy with only 90,000 points in Business Class!

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Our Services

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#1: Help You Get Started With Points & Miles

New to the points & miles world?
You hear credit cards, and sign-up bonuses, and absolutely have no clue what you should be doing?
No worries!
We understand there are tons of credit cards out there — confusing you even more.
That’s where we come in.
You will be on the points and miles journey in no time!

#2: Help You Up Your Travel Game

Ok, so you have the points, miles, and tons of questions…
*How can I use my points to travel?
*Can I use my credit card points to travel by Emirates in First Class?
*Are credit card points only for airlines or can I use them to stay in high-end hotels too?
* What credit cards should  I open that will give me good rewards on everyday spending?
Does this sound like you?
We can guide you on how to optimize your credit card points, airline miles, and hotel rewards.
Your mediocre stay can turn into an epic vacation to remember! 

#3: Award Travel Support

We have done 1000+ hours of research to get a hold of the points and miles world. 
So, if you’d just like someone to find the best low-cost options for your travel — all in points — you’re in the right place.
We will do the work for you.
With the details you provide us, we will help you find you the most suitable itinerary for your next trip.

Our Happy Clients!

"All my questions were answered. The consultation was well worth my time and money. I recommend reaching out to The Hub 'N Wifi if you have any travel-related questions!"
BG, Tucson, AZ
"My last session was so useful and you are helping us make the best use of the different points that we have. It helped me save a lot of money and also save so much of time trying to explore the nitty gritty details. Thank you so much!"
Ganesh K, Hackettstown, NJ
"The Hub 'N Wifi really delivers! My travel needs were understood and the best options were given to me. I also learned about efficient travel options that I could potentially pursue. Very responsive, competent, and a total professional! I’d highly recommend The Hub ‘N WiFi for your next travel planning!"
Swetha, San Francisco, CA
"Swathi and her service really took a huge weight off my shoulders as I planned my first vacation in 11 years! She was incredibly patient and informative as we walked through my plans. She provided alternatives and breakdowns of the options for my trip as well as providing me the information necessary to customise things to my needs. I cannot recommend The Hub ‘N WiFi enough and I will definitely be a repeat client!"
Tim H, Los Angeles, CA
"Wow!!! This is more than I expected! I want to use your service for all my future flights, and so I am flexible for whichever service best meets my future flight booking needs. Thank you so much for this!"
Tom L, New York
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The Hub ‘N Wifi is your one stop learning centre for all things Points, Miles, and Travel!

All our tips, tricks, and information is data backed, and out of first hand experience only.

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