At $799/yr, Is The Frontier GoWild! Flight Pass Worth Your Money?


Many of you asked me what my opinion was on the Frontier GoWild! Flight pass.

Let me elaborate for those who don’t know what that is.

Until Dec 12, 2022, 11:59 PM Mountain Time, the Frontier pass will be available for $799/yr.

And here’s what this pass entails.

This ‘ALL-YOU-CAN-FLY’ pass includes the following:
→ An unlimited number of flights you can choose from
→ Flights that are available for 300+ days a year
→ Access to Frontier’s domestic and international destinations
→ Miles that don’t expire

Should you get the pass?

Now let’s see if it is really worth it.

The pass lets you book tickets only from May 2, 2023 — which seems okay but, think about it.

You buy your pass today and have to plan your vacation 6 months into the future, which could be a great deal for last-minute trips.

But for those traveling with family, how often do you see yourselves just upping and leaving for a trip?

Secondly, with a lot, and I mean an exceptional amount of blackout dates, you are already losing almost 35 days in the year.

This includes prime holidays like Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas break, just to name a few.

Moreover, if you book your tickets using this pass, you will have to pay for your seats AND baggage. The pass does not cover either of the two.

So far we have unlimited flights for ~$800 per year, planned 6 months into the future, with extra cost for seats and bags, and only being able to fly in the off-peak season.

You with me?

The sketchy part is actually this.

You will be charged for taxes and other fees at the time of booking.

And to top it off, your flight can be booked and confirmed ONLY a day before your departure for domestic travel and 10 days before departure for international travel.

So flexibility is most certainly not a part of this pass, but uncertainty is.

But it's just $799 for unlimited flights — how bad can it be?

Let’s say you’re one of those people who buy your pass and forget about it, then you’re in for a shocker.

This GoWild pass automatically renews for…


So unless you’re a last-minute traveler or someone who gets a kick out of impromptu trips and doesn’t mind being suddenly billed ~$2000 at the end of the year for renewal, I’d say steer clear of this pass.

Needless to say, the GoWild! pass is a no-go for me.

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