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Can You Earn Points Paying Rent Using Personal Checks?


I hopped on a call with a client who needed some help earning points.

She was doing pretty well in her points and miles game up until a month ago.

And out of the blue, her apartment community decided to scrap all credit card payments for rent.

Living in the Bay Area, you can imagine how easily she could be making ~3000 points on a 2-bed 2-bath property’s monthly rent.

Having that option vanish put her in a difficult situation. Those easy 3000 points needed a way back into her account.

Upon further discussion, it was clear that no credit OR debit card payments were allowed.

But, personal or cashier’s checks were okay.

So, was there a way to hold on to these points in any other way?

Turns out, there is.


Although rent payments with credit cards come with an added fee, it’s a great way to easily make 4-figure points every month. But, in situations like this, there is one option that could help you.

And that is…

… getting a new credit card.

Not just any credit card.

I’m talking about the Bilt Mastercard.

At a $0 annual fee, this card offers 1X points on rent payments without the transaction fee — for up to 50,000 points every calendar year.

On top of that, you get 3X on dining, 2X on travel, and 1X on all other spendings.

Now the unique part of this card is that you can pay rent using checks through the Bilt Rewards App.

Use the ‘Pay by check’ instead of the ‘Pay rent online’ option. Enter who the check is payable to, review all your personal information, and hit ‘Pay’.

It’s as easy as that.

So that’s how you can earn points even if you have to pay by check.

If this sounds like you, assess your current financial portfolio and add Bilt to your deck.

If you are looking to apply for one, you can sign up using the link below.

Click here to sign up.

That’s a wrap!

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