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Do You Need 30 Credit Cards To Earn Points and Miles Effectively?


Have you come across several travel influencers, fanning their wad of credit cards, and talking about earning points and miles for travel?

Did that scare you and make you throw your travel dreams away?

You’re not alone. 

I used to think so too. Until I jumped into the points and miles game myself and tried figuring things out.

That’s when I realized this.

You definitely don’t need 20 or 30 credit cards to earn more points and miles.

You need strategic planning of your finances based on YOUR lifestyle, understanding your travel goals, and applying for the credit cards that support these plans.

Simply put, all you need are 2–3 rewards credit cards that you can use for your everyday spending.

Regular spending that reaps points and miles is the smart strategy to go for without hurting finances.


The Right Mix To Maximize Your Points

Now that you know that you don’t need a stack of cards to collect points, how do you decide which credit cards work for you?

There are 2 key points to bear in mind to simplify this process.

Firstly, when you apply for credit cards that cover your daily expenses, you need to look for ones that will get you bonus points on one or more of the following categories:

  • Groceries
  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Gas

That way, you can earn more points faster and build a stash easily.

Secondly, you need to ensure that your credit card points are flexible.

This means that your points earned should be:
–> Usable within the card’s own travel portal, and 
–> Transferable to external travel partners.

That way, you can maximize the utility of your points earned.

Cards We Recommend

There are tons of cards out there that can earn you rewards. And it definitely overwhelming to understand which one you should pick.

Here is the list of must-have credit cards we recommend to earn upwards of 2X points.

  1. AmEx Gold (4X on dining; 4X on groceries; 3X on airfare)
  2. Chase Sapphire Preferred (2X on all travel purchases)
  3. Chase Freedom Unlimited (1.5X on all purchases)
  4. Honorable Mention – Citi Premier (3X on dining; 3X on groceries; 3X on gas; 3X on airfare and hotels)

If you have one or more of these credit cards, you are already well ahead in the game. 

Want to add more power to your stash?
Here’s what you can do.

You can apply to a hotel or airline-specific credit card like Hilton Honors Surpass, Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier, Amex Delta Gold, etc. 

The points earned from these cards are not transferable, but they could earn you rewards like free checked bags, upgraded rooms, early check-ins, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Strategizing your wallet and optimizing your credit cards to earn more points is the best way to travel on a budget.

You don’t need to spend $1000s to experience the trip of your dreams.

Who doesn’t love a free stay in a Resort and Spa in Hawaii?

Trust me when I say you can do it too, with the right strategy!

And when you can do that with the powers you already have at your disposal, isn’t that exciting?

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