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100% Kona Coffee at Greenwell Farms, Big Island

Greenwell Farms is a family owned coffee farm that produces 100% Kona Coffee — a coffee variety unique to the state of Hawaii. During our trip to Big Island, we made it a point to catch one of the farm’s free tours to get a glimpse of their coffee plantations and immerse in the widely revered Kona coffee experience.

The very entrance to the farm was a huge pasture of greenery reaching far into the horizon. A small cabana met us as we walked in where we were welcomed by the owner of the farm.

We waited our turn for the next tour and as newbies to the whole scene, we had no idea what was in store for us. The owner, understanding our naïveté, offered us some of his famous Kona coffee — not one but different varieties of it. We sampled 4 different coffees before the tour commenced, familiarizing our palates with the flavors that were in store.

The tour commenced and off we went learning about the coffee crops, how they are grown, what makes them distinct, how they are processed and many more of such facts.

The Greenwell farms don’t just grow coffee but also grow vanilla beans, peppercorn, and cacao. During one of the learning pitstops, we were offered to sample some green peppercorn and believe me when I say, the “oohs and aahs” were real and loud as the spicy juices slid down our throats — all while trying to listen to what fungus had attacked the coffee plants the previous year. 

The whole tour lasted 45-55 mins and we were mighty impressed about this unique coffee variety that was absolutely flavorful. Lots of chit chats, fun facts about the farm, and 128764567 photos later, we were finally heading back to the cabana.

The tour hadn’t finished it seemed. The owner wanted to cap off the tour with another round of the wonderful concoction. No, this wasn’t a pre-made sample sitting in a coffee pot. 

The owner went the extra mile to brew hot coffee right there — from coffee beans that were sourced from a 100 year old tree. He made it a moment to remember as the tour ended. What a wonderful, flavorful experience, that! 

I may have spent a smidge more than I do on rent on coffee I guess. And this coming from someone who is a tea-only person. 

I also recommend getting their vanilla bean and dunking it in some vodka for a home-made vanilla extract.

Greenwell farms, I must say your marketing tactic worked with this customer. 😉

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