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How Couples Can Maximize Chase Ultimate Rewards


Earning Chase Ultimate Rewards wisely is a pretty impressive strategy by itself. 

But, here’s a little tip that can make you even more powerful in your points and miles game.

All you need to do is join hands with your significant other and you can instantly 2x your points!

Coming up with a credit card strategy as a couple will not just earn you more points and miles, but you will also get to maximize all the perks and benefits.

And all this mastermind planning will definitely come in handy when you are ready to go on your next vacation.

While it is definitely wise to diversify your credit card portfolio, it also helps to boost your rewards through a single loyalty program. 

This is called the two-player strategy. 

Read on to find out how you can devise yours.

More people, More bonuses, More points

The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve cards are one of the best Chase credit cards with excellent benefits. 

And the reason you should consider getting either one of these cards is to get their welcome bonuses. While their sign-up bonuses are not at their highest right now, be on the lookout and you could be eligible to earn up to 100,000 points when you open the account.

It’s important to know that you can only own a Chase Sapphire Preferred or a Chase Sapphire Reserve at a time.

Go ahead and use this easy strategy and build your points profile better.

  1. Start by opening one credit card, and finish the minimum spend required to earn your sign-on bonus.
  2. Now, refer your significant other, and let them earn the sign-up bonus too. You will also earn points if your partner applies for the card through your referral link.

Downgrade Existing Sapphire Cards

Chase allows you to earn a sign-on bonus once every 48 months for Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards.

For example, if you opened a card in Jan 2022, you are eligible to re-open the card to earn your bonus once more in 2026.

But, since you cannot hold two of the same cards, you will have to either cancel the card or downgrade it to Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited, or Chase Freedom Flex anytime after the first year of account opening, before you apply for the Sapphire cards again.

So, this allows you to earn your welcome bonus every 48 months. 

Add your partner in after the sign-up requirement is completed and you can be earning 2x the points. 

Pro Tip: Downgrading the card will not let you earn the welcome bonus that the cards usually come with. So, you could also consider canceling your existing Sapphire cards after the first year, applying for fresh Freedom cards to enjoy the perks, and re-apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve at the end of 48 months. 

You can earn sign-on bonuses on the Freedom Unlimited and Freedom Flex cards, once every 24 months.

Also be sure to transfer your points to travel partners before canceling the cards, otherwise, you will lose that option. 

Final Thoughts

The two-player strategy allows you to pool points to use a collective amount towards luxurious travel.
Adding a partner allows you to transfer points between accounts, and maximize credit card perks.
Clearly, the more the merrier in this points-and-miles game. 
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