How To Book Emirates Business Class Using Air Canada Aeroplan


It might appear straightforward to book a flight on a particular airline.

You head right on to the airline’s website, put in your details, and find the best option that works for you.

But, is there a way to get flights cheaper than what’s listed?

Say, you want to travel to Dubai from Frankfurt and you know Emirates will fly you there.

And you open the Emirates website, put in your details, and hit ‘Search Flights’.

Be sure to check the ‘Class Rewards’ box to redeem your flights, otherwise, you will be shown only the cash prices of the flights.

Give the page a minute to load and here’s what you will see. For a sample itinerary from Frankfurt to Dubai on Nov 8, 2023, I could see 87,000 miles and EUR 456.29 for a Business Class flight.

Maybe you have the points and you’re ready to head right on to the payment portal.

But, let me stop you right there.

What if I told you, I could get you the same tickets for the exact dates for a much lower cost?

Please hold while I whip out my travel wand.
Ok, here we go.

Head on to and put in the same details. Check the ‘Book with Aeroplan’ box.

Hit search and here are the results.

For the same itinerary, your Business Class seats are 30K points lower in price and taxes are much cheaper too.

So based on this example you might wonder if you should always get your Emirates tickets via Air Canada.

Here’s my honest opinion.

Not necessarily.

It is a good idea to check for low-cost tickets so that you’re not burning your pockets flying to your destination.

For instance, in this same example, notice how First Class tickets are much cheaper on the Emirates website than on Air Canada.

It is all a matter of cross-verifying to understand the best possible options out there for your trip.

While this takes time to figure out, don’t overwhelm yourselves. If you need help finding the best deals out there, you know how to reach me.

P.S. if you are considering flying from FRA to DXB, jump on that first-class deal for 102,000 miles. It is a steal and definitely worth it on this airline.

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