Award Travel Services

Looking to make an award travel booking?

Whether you’re a seasoned points and miles expert or just starting out, our award travel booking service has got you covered.

Say goodbye to expensive flights and hello to amazing travel experiences.

Read on to find out what we offer!

The Process

Our Award Travel Booking service works in 2 stages — Discovery and Delivery.

Step 1: Discovery Call

  • We will get on a 30-minute Discovery Call with you via Zoom.
  • We will go over your travel plans, including how many points you have, and other information we need to proceed with our search.
  • You will need to schedule a Delivery Call right after this.

Step 2: Delivery Call

  • Once you have scheduled your Delivery Call, we get to work.
  • Flights and deals change every day so we work to provide you with the latest availability.
  • During the Delivery Call, we show you the best possible options that are available at that time.
  • We will go over the options that were filtered based on how many points you have along with other trip-related information.
  • If during the call, you want to modify your trip, we can offer one free revision — provided the start and end destinations stay the same.

Key things to note here:

  • We can only find the best award flights that are currently active
  • We cannot show you low-cost award flights if they aren’t available 
  • If there are absolutely no award seats that match your requirement, we will refund half the amount paid for the Delivery Call
  • Please have the following ready before the discovery call:
    1. Points balances of different transferrable currencies (ex: Amex MR, Chase UR)
    2. Points balances of different hotel and airline programs and Elite status (ex: AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, World of Hyatt points)

How Much Does Your Service Cost?​

  • The total cost for the Award Travel Crafting is $174.99 (for up to 2 passengers) payable as $74.99 during the Discovery call, and $100 during the Delivery call. 
  • Each additional passenger will be charged $49.99
  • This cost is for one round-trip itinerary only
  • Reach out to us to discuss the cost of more than one itinerary

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1. Can your award booking service make more award seats available?

  • No, we don’t have the ability to open additional award availability.
  • Award inventory is set directly by the airline. However, we have the tools and expertise to search for airline partners or routes that are otherwise hard to find.
  • Because of this, we may find award options you were unaware of.

2. Do you help with upgrading flights, adding lap infants, and stopovers?

  • If you’ve already booked a flight, you will need to work directly with the airline to upgrade your ticket with miles or certificates. 
  • Adding lap infants or stopovers to your itinerary also needs to be done by you after booking your tickets.

3. Will the award flights be booked by you?

  • We will ONLY list out the best available options for your travel. You will need to go to the airline websites to book your tickets.
  • We can guide you, if necessary, to transfer points from your bank to the frequent flyer programs. 
  • If you are unfamiliar with booking award flights, we can assist you with a demo during the Delivery call.

4. Do you have access to discounted flights?

  • We compare prices across multiple frequent flyer programs to find the best award flights available at that time.
  • Often, many airlines in the same alliance all have access to the exact same flights but at different prices.
  • We study award charts from lesser-known programs to extract the low-cost option with respect to points and taxes.
    The idea is to get you the same flight but for a lower cost option. 
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