What To Do If Your Flights Are Canceled Or Severely Delayed


The last week of December wasn’t as festive as it was supposed to be.

Just as the Christmas break rolled in, there were thousands of people seen stranded in airports.

So many passengers were unable to join their families for the break, many planned vacations got overthrown, and countless children excited about their Disneyland trips were seen weeping at the gates.

Canceled and delayed flights ruled the roost all of last month and needless to say, travelers were helpless.

While airlines are scrambling to fix their end of the problem, people are now looking for ways to get their refunds.

5 ways to deal with the madness

If you or anyone you know faced a similar predicament and are desperately trying to get hold of the airlines or in case one of your future flights gets canceled or severely delayed, this will help.

Try one of these 5 methods to help you avoid post-cancelation hassles with the airline companies.

  1. If the airline cancels your flight, you are entitled to a FULL refund back to your original form of payment.

  2. Be sure to check which credit card you used to purchase your flight. Your card might have trip cancellation insurance or trip delay reimbursement that will cover your fare.

  3. Download the airline’s app. Sometimes, if available, you can rebook yourself on a new flight via the app.

  4. If you are going to call the airline, use Skype to call one of the airline’s international offices to get through quicker. Oftentimes, these international call centers have an English option and may get you in touch faster with a customer service agent than using a U.S. phone number.

  5. Tweet the airline. You might get a quicker response. Twitter is very powerful and contacting the airline through DMs can get you in touch with them faster than you will believe. This, I have done in the past with AirCanada and I can tell you it works. I was able to retrieve my lost stroller and car seat, delivered to my hotel room in a foreign land.

Final Thoughts

Remember to keep your Frequent Flyer number and Reservation details handy, in case you are asked to produce them for reference or other proof.

If you have more information on how to mitigate these issues, drop them in the comment below for other readers who could benefit from the same.

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